Did You Know?

Mayo Clinic Ventures 2018 Statistics

Other stats and facts

  • Mayo Clinic has over 2,000 technologies available for licensing. 

  • Six new startup companies were formed around Mayo inventions in 2018

  • Technologies licensed from Mayo Clinic are used around the world. 

  • More than 950 employees work at companies formed from Mayo Clinic inventions. 

  • 103 startup companies have been formed around Mayo Clinic inventions. 

  • Mayo Clinic has filed over 7,500 patent applications. 

  • Mayo Clinic has received more than 2,500 issued patents.

  • Approximately two new inventions are disclosed to Mayo Clinic Ventures each day. 

  • Since 1986, Mayo Clinic has generated nearly $600M in revenue from licensing inventions.

  • Revenue from Mayo Clinic inventions is critical to supporting Mayo’s nonprofit mission. 

  • At any given time, more than 12,000 human research studies are underway at Mayo Clinic. 

  • Mayo Clinic instituted 2,800 new IRB-approved human studies last year. 

  • Last year, Mayo Clinic published 7,234 articles in peer-reviewed research journals. 

  • Since its formation, more than 30 tenants have occupied the Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator

  • College students get to experience the business of technology assessment and commercialization strategies first hand through participation in the Mayo Innovation Scholars Program.